Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em: Series 2, Episode 4 (Summary)

Frank and MarvinMichael Crawford and Michele Dotrice as Frank and Betty Spencer in the TV show Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

First Aired: 13-12-1973

Written by: Raymond Allen


Although much of this episode of Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em concerns the exploits of Franks Spencer and his ventriloquist’s dummy, Marvin, it begins with Frank having a little trouble on the water.

“Where’s the afternoon boat?” the skipper asks.

“Search me Skipper,” comes the reply.

“It’s three hours overdue. Who took it out?


“Well, he couldn’t have lost the boat and forty people between here and the lock. could he?”

Actually Frank hasn’t lost the boat but he does need a tow and his passengers are not looking pleased; so that is another job down the drain.

When Frank arrives home, he finds Betty munching on a carrot. Then, when he finds a whole bag of them hidden underneath a cushion, he worries his wife may be becoming a carrot addict. “It’s no wonder that she’s putting on weight,” he tells himself.

It is not the carrots though. Betty is pregnant. She breaks the news to Frank later that day and he is so surprised that Betty has to help the poor man onto the couch. Frank really needs to find a job now. Maybe he will have better luck at the holiday camp where he has applied for a position as camp playboy.

Christopher Timothy making a guest appearance in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (series 2, episode 4 - (Frank and Marvin"). Timothy plays a holiday camp entertainer who is originally impressed by Frank Spencer and his Ventriloquist Dummy, Marvin. Unfortunately, it's not long before everything goes wrong.Frank arrives for his interview just as the head playboy, Roy (played by Christopher Timothy of All Creatures Great and Small fame), is telling the manager, Mr Lockwood, that one of the camp’s playboys has been injured. They are now four playboys down and everyone is working far too hard.

When Frank announces that he is here for his interview it seems like he could be the answer to all their problems. He is a ventriloquist, a singer and a man with a volcano built into his suit for his big finale.

Wow! Doesn’t all that sound impressive? It’s just a pity that the reality does not live up to anyone’s expectations. Frank’s dummy, Marvin, has had a little accident and so now has the body of a gorilla and the head of a sailor. Frank’s singing is not just a showstopper, but a show-killer and Mount Vesuvius… well… the less said about that the better.


Frank Spencer ~~~ Michael Crawford
Betty Spencer ~~~ Michele Dotrice
Skipper ~~~ Charles Lamb
Boatman ~~~ Christopher Holmes
Dr. H.S. Smedley ~~~ Anthony Woodruff
Lockwood ~~~ Sydney Tafler
Roy ~~~ Christopher Timothy
Mrs. Jones ~~~ Pamela Binns
Mrs. Ford ~~~ Julia Breck

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