Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em: Series 1, Episode 7 (Summary)

The Employment ExchangeMichael Crawford and Michele Dotrice as Frank and Betty Spencer in the TV show Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

First Aired: 29-03-1973

Written by: Raymond Allen


Episode 7 is the final episode of the first series of Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em and Frank is learning to drive. Or trying to anyway, as he crawls along the road behind the wheel of his father-in-laws car, with ‘L’ plates on the bumpers and Betty riding shotgun.

Frank feels that if he can drive it will improve his employment prospects.

Meanwhile, at the labour exchange, there is a new manager, the previous one jumped out of a window during Frank’s last visit. The new guy has a positive attitude about his job and he believes that no one is unemployable. He has not met Frank Spencer yet.

His staff try and warn him but the new guy remains optimistic and he tries his best to try find suitable employment for Frank. He is so confident in fact that he even makes a side bet of £5 that he can find Frank a Job that lasts for at least a couple of weeks.

Frank Spencer (Michael Crawford) dangling from window cleaning platform in Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (Series 1, Episode 7)The first Job is a removal man and there are lots of fragile things in the back of the van. Frank has a smashing time. The thing that probably looses him the job though is when he offers to move the removal van forward after assuring his boss that he can drive. It is too late by the time his boss sees the ‘L’ plates on the van and all Frank can say, as he surveys the damage is “Oooh!”

There are a few clips in this episode and one of the more amusing and scary ones shows Frank’s attempts at window cleaning. He is scared of heights and ends up hanging from the side of a widow cleaning platform.

Finally, and I am sure that it is just to win his bet, the new manager gives Frank a job working for him, at the labour Exchange, cleaning the floors. Not such a good idea at all when there is a computer system on the premises that is worth £300,000. “Ooooh!”


Frank Spencer ~~~ Michael Crawford
Betty Spencer ~~~ Michele Dotrice
Clergyman ~~~ Geoffrey Adams
Mr. Bradshaw ~~~ George A. Cooper
Mrs. Dobson ~~~ Dorothy Frere
Mr. Hooper ~~~ Edward Hardwicke
Man at Van ~~~ Roland MacLeod
Jack ~~~ Jay Neill
Window Cleaner ~~~ Derek Ware
George ~~~ Jack Watson
Policeman ~~~ Peter Wickham
Computer (voice) ~~~ John Witty
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ Elaine Williams
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ David Aman
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ Reid Anderson
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ Gordon Black
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ Elizabeth Broom
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ Donald Groves
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ Juliet Phillips
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ Katherine Rosenwink
Worker in employment exchange ~~~ John Silo

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