Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em: Series 1, Episode 2 (Summary)

George’s HouseMichael Crawford and Michele Dotrice as Frank and Betty Spencer in the TV show Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

First Aired: 22-02-1973

Written by: Raymond Allen


In the second episode of Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, Betty and Frank are staying with Betty’s brother, George, and his wife. George is a clever guy. His house reflects this fact and it is filled with labour saving devices. Nearly everything in it is automated and has been designed, by George, to be foolproof.

Foolproof is not the same as being Frank-proof. Nothing is Frank proof and George complains to his wife that he spent a full Saturday un-jamming the un-jammable doors. Then, last night, he unblocked the un-blockable sink, and then he had to get up at seven that very morning to repair the indestructible waste-disposal unit.

George is more than a little stressed by all of this and to make matters worse he is expecting a very important visitor later on that afternoon. His boss is bringing an American businessman, Mr Fletcher, to see the house. Fletcher builds houses and, if he likes what he sees in George’s house, he could give George’s firm a contract worth thousands of pounds.

Frank and Betty Spencer (Michael Crawford & Michele Dotrice in a scene from "George's House (Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em: Series 1, Episode 2)The only problem is Frank. George is very worried about Frank.

When George discusses his fears with Betty she tells him that Frank will go out for the afternoon. Unfortunately, Frank is having a little problem. Even as they speak, Frank is searching down the toilet for his slippers while water leaks down from the ceiling above because Frank has lost the ball-cock down the toilet as well.

Needless to say, when Mr Fletcher arrives nothing goes right and George’s automated home become an automated disaster zone. After having a crazy ride on one the chairs in the living room, Fletcher can’t wait to get out of the place.

Frank feels ready to go home as well and, as the air fills with smoke, he tells Betty that he wouldn’t want to outstay his welcome.


Frank Spencer ~~~ Michael Crawford
Betty Spencer ~~~ Michele Dotrice
Mr Fletcher  ~~~ Barry Linehan
Jack Downer  ~~~ Michael Golden
George  ~~~ Peter Green
Katherine  ~~~ Carolyn Hudson


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