Porridge Series 1, Episode 2 (Summary)

The HustlerFletcher (Ronnie Barker) and Godber (Richard Beckinsale) in a scene from Porridge (70s TV Series)

First Aired: 12-09-1974

Written by: Dick Clement & Ian La Frenais


The Hustler  (Porridge series one, episode 2) has somewhat of a gambling theme.

Fletch has been at Slade Prison for a week and seems to have settled into his work on the prison farm.

However, egg production seems to be down since Fletch took over and Mr McKay has his suspicious about where the eggs are going. He thinks that Fletch is stealing them, and he is, but the wiley prisoner is just a bit to clever to be caught.

Ronnie Barker and Christopher Biggins in a scene from The Hustler (Porridge series 1, episode 2)Like most of the prisoners, Fletch likes to gamble to get a little excitement and has had several bets with fellow prisoner, Ives. He even had a bet with him over which hen would lay the first egg. Fletch won as usual and the yolk was on Ives.

Still with gambling on his mind, Fletch has even considered organizing a pig race, but decided against it. Probably a good job because he’d never have got a way with that one.

The many wagers Fletch makes with Ives and the other prisoners serve as a slight distraction, but Fletch still has his heart set on getting a cell to himself and he develops an elaborate scheme to make it happen. Step one involves a game of snakes and ladders with Heslop, Evans, and Lukewarm (played by Christopher Biggins).


Norman Stanley Fletcher ~~~ Ronnie Barker
Mr. Barrowclough ~~~ Brian Wilde
Mr. Mackay ~~~ Fulton Mackay
Lennie Godber ~~~ Richard Beckinsale
Heslop ~~~ Brian Glover
Ives ~~~ Ken Jones
Lukewarm ~~~ Christopher Biggins
Evans ~~~ Ray Dunbobbin
Mr Appleton ~~~ Graham Ashley
Prison Officer ~~~ John Quarmby

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