Man About The House Series 1, Episode 7 (Summary)

Man About the House (British TV Series)No Dogs Allowed

First Aired: 26-09-1973

Written by: Brian Cooke & Johnnie Mortimer


Robin’s Friend Larry has a flat full of puppies and he needs to get rid of them. They are all very cute and each and every one of them could be an Andrex puppy in the making, so you would think that Larry would not have much trouble finding them a home. Not so though, he has asked everyone he can think of and still cannot find anyone interested in taking the last three.

Guess who he turns to.

Go on… guess!

Richard O'Sullivan and Doug Fisher in a scene from "No Dogs Allowed" (Man About the House Series 1, Episode 7)If you guessed Robin you guessed right, but Robin is not keen on getting lumbered with a puppy, no matter how cute it may be. Larry though, is not beneath resorting to devious methods and he tricks Robin into taking a little bitch home with him and the little thing is so exited at the prospect that she wets herself. And Robin.

Jo loves the little pup, but Chrissy has not been keen on dogs since she got bitten by a kennel owner. There is a story there somewhere, but whatever it is Chrissy is keeping it to herself.

She does come around to the puppy in the end though, and who can blame her, but one problem remains: the Ropers. They won’t allow them to keep a dog. It is in the lease: no dogs, no children allowed.


Robin Tripp ~~~ Richard O’Sullivan
Chrissy ~~~ Paula Wilcox
Jo ~~~ Sally Thomsett
Mrs Roper ~~~ Yootha Joyce
Mr Roper ~~~ Brian Murphy
Larry Simmonds ~~~ Doug Fisher
LandLord of The Mucky Duck ~~~ Michael Segal

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