Man About The House Series 1, Episode 6 (Summary)

Man About the House (British TV Series)Match of the Day

First Aired: 19-09-1973

Written by: Brian Cooke & Johnnie Mortimer


One of the players from the local technical college’s football team has sprained his toe and Robin has been asked to take his place for the match the following weekend. He is very excited about it and sees it as a privilege — plus it might help him to pull the birds — and so he decides to take the two birds he lives with down to the Mucky Duck for a celebratory pint.

The Ropers are already at the pub when Robin, Chrissy and Jo arrive and Mr Roper has got a terrible cold. By the following morning Robin has got Roper’s terrible cold as well and the chances of him being well enough for the match on Saturday look slim to say the least.

Fortunately for the sickly chef it is Chrissy’s day off from work and so she is around to take care of him and even tucks him into bed with an electric blanket. The blanket is so old though that Jo nearly makes herself late for work because she wants to see what happens when Chrissy switches it on.

Man About the House Episode 6 is pretty amusing. Robin has the opportunity to be a substitute player at a football match - untill he catches Mr Ropers cold.Robin Survives the electric blanket and Chrissy, still keen to help her flat mate, gets out her copy of Old Mother Asquith’s Mystical Remedies and proceeds to make a concoction to rub on his chest, while a bemused Mr Roper watches on. Chrissy is determined to get Robin better. Even if it kills him.

Robin Survives Old Mother Asquith’s medication as well, and at tea-time the doctor pops around and gives Robin a vitamin shot. Robin survives that too and by Saturday he is full of beans and ready to go.

But will he survive the game?


Robin Tripp ~~~ Richard O’Sullivan
Chrissy ~~~ Paula Wilcox
Jo ~~~ Sally Thomsett
Mrs Roper ~~~ Yootha Joyce
Mr Roper ~~~ Brian Murphy
Dr McLeod ~~~ Duncan Lamont
Barry ~~~ Michael J. Jackson
Tom ~~~ Michael Redfearn

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