Man About The House Series 1, Episode 5 (Summary)

Learn more about Man About the House (TV series) @ Class TVIt’s Only Money

First Aired: 12-09-1973

Written by: Brian Cooke & Johnnie Mortimer

The fifth episode of Man About The House begins with Chrissy arriving home from work and finding that Robin was not far behind her and enjoying the view from the back.

Chrissy does look quite smart, but it has to be said that Robin’s tank top is atrocious. Maybe it was a gift from someone who hated him, or maybe atrocious tank tops were the thing back in those days, or then again perhaps he was wearing it for a bet.

Chrissy does not appear to be shocked by her roommates attire, but a shock awaits both of them when they get up the stairs. The door of their flat is open and it appears that they have been burgled.

sFlat mates Jo, Robin, and Chrissy get involved in a police investigation in "It's Only Money" (Man About the House, Series 1, Episode 5)The duo investigates the situation and at first all seem well, but then Robin realizes that the rent money is missing. Eighty pounds for the month and they are already a month behind. Mr Roper will not be impressed and so this episode finds the three friends trying to avoid their landlord. “It could be your embrecation George,” Mildred tells him.

With money in short supply and Mr Roper on the prowl, Robin Chrissy and Jo pool their resources. Jo’s piggy bank contains a few assorted coppers and an IOU ?3 from Chrissy. Robin has a jar of halfpennies and Chrissy has even less. With limited options, Robin tries to get a bank overdraft, while Chrissy attempts to borrow the money from her parents.



Robin Tripp ~~~ Richard O’Sullivan
Chrissy ~~~ Paula Wilcox
Jo ~~~ Sally Thomsett
Mrs Roper ~~~ Yootha Joyce
Mr Roper ~~~ Brian Murphy
Policeman ~~~ Colin McCormack
Policeman ~~~ Derek Seaton
Bank Manager ~~~ Ken Watson
Bank Clerk ~~~ Raymond Farrell
Landlord of The Mucky Duck ~~~ Michael Segal

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