Man About The House Series 1, Episode 4 (Summary)

Man About the House (British TV Series)And Then There Were Two

First Aired: 05-09-1973

Written by: Brian Cooke & Johnnie Mortimer


When Jo has to spend a night away from the flat, to attend a christening Chrissy begins to worry that Robin may find it hard to keep his animal instincts under control, take advantage of the situation, and try and take advantage of her. The idea has probably never crossed Robin’s mind, but once he discovers how nervous his roommate is he cannot resist winding her up about it.

“You have mended the lock on your bedroom door, have you?”


“Oh, nothing. nothing.”

Downstairs Mr Roper is also worried about the situation.

“It’s not decent, you know. Not decent… This is church commissioned property Mildred. It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that we could be struck by lightning.”

And when Robin goes down to the pub for a pint his friend Larry has the wrong idea about the situation in general.

“Tell us how you do it.”

“Do what?”

“Have two birds in your flat. I’m surprised that you can still lift a pint.”

Paula Wilcox, Jenny Hanley, and Richard O'Sullivan in a scene from "And Then There Were Two" (Man About the House: Series 1, Episode 4)Robin is quick to play up to his friend’s misconception and succeeds in impressing him even more when he hooks up with a girl called Liz who he knows from college. Liz is incredibly easy on the eye and so it is little wonder that the lucky Mr Tripp decides to take her home with him to show her his. cookery books.

When Robin arrives back at the flat you would expect that Chrissy would be pleased. She is safe! Women can be a strange breed though and Chrissy seems quite annoyed by the situation. Mr Roper is not too happy either: “Strewth, he’s got another one!”

And Then There Were Two is the fourth episode in the Man about the House TV series. It is very funny and is my favourite episode from the first series. The scenes where Robin starts making gorilla noises and begins chasing Chrissy around the flat while beating on his chest are hilarious.


Robin Tripp ~~~ Richard O’Sullivan
Chrissy ~~~ Paula Wilcox
Jo ~~~ Sally Thomsett
Mrs Roper ~~~ Yootha Joyce
Mr Roper ~~~ Brian Murphy
Larry Simmonds ~~~ Doug Fisher
Liz ~~~ Jenny Hanley
Sheila (Liz’s Friend) ~~~ Janine Duvitsky

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