Man About The House Series 1, Episode 2 (Summary)

Man About the House (British TV Series)And Mother Makes Four

First Aired: 22-08-1973

Written by: Brian Cooke & Johnnie Mortimer

“Hey, why have you put a ring around today’s date?” Chrissy asks, while starring at the calendar on the wall.

“I didn’t,” says Jo. “You did.”

“Oh, why have I put a ring around today’s date?”

“I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because Robin’s moving in.”

So begins the  second epeisode of Man About the House and, although Chrissy has forgotten, it is the day that Robin moves in, but she has forgotten something else as well and Robin’s imminent arrival is not the reason for the ring at all. Chrissy’s mother is going to pay her a visit and Chrissy doesn’t remember a thing about it until she picks up the phone and listens to her mother tell her that she will be with her in quarter of an hour and to pop the kettle on. Two girls living in a flat with a fella: Chrissy’s mother will never approve and the girls need to get rid of their new roommate, before he even gets settled in. They only need him out of the way for an hour or two and so Jo takes Robin out for a drink down at The Mucky Duck.

Paula Wilcox, Sally Thomsett, and Richard O'Sullivan in "And Mother Makes Four" (Man About the House, Season 1, Episode 2)The only problem is that Chrissy’s mother thinks that the girls now have a spare room and she still has some more shopping to do and so she invites herself to stay for the night.

Robin is not keen on the idea of going to an all night movie and so, once Chrissy’s mother is in bed, they smuggle him in to their room. “Is the bed big enough for three?” he asks. “He thinks it’s his birthday!” Chrissy exclaims. The girls have single beds anyway and Robin has to make do with a chair. At that point it looks like the problem is in hand, but how long will the girls be able to keep it a secret that they have a man about the house?



Robin Tripp ~~~ Richard O’Sullivan
Chrissy ~~~ Pala Wilcox
Jo ~~~ Sally Thomsett
Mrs Roper ~~~ Yootha Joyce
Mr Roper ~~~ Brian Murphy
Chrissy’s Mother ~~~ Daphne Oxenford

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