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Learn more about Man About the House (TV series) @ Class TVMan About The House was a popular 1970s TV series starring Richard O’Sullivan, Paula Wilcox, and Sally Thomsett. The show, produced by Thames Television and broadcast across the ITV network, ran for six series (aired between 1973 and 1976). The first series consisted of seven episodes, as did series three and seven. Series two, four and five had just six episodes.

The Man About The House TV series can be summed up in just three letters. Add them together and those letters spell “fun.” You only have to watch the first few seconds of the opening credits from episode one and you can tell straight away that you are going to get a good laugh: Robin Tripp (Richard O’Sullivan) sitting on his dinky little moped that is only revealed to the viewer once the real bikes have roared away; Chrissy Plummer (Paula Wilcox), losing her shoe while getting on the bus, while her roommate Jo (Sally Thomsett) is being eyed-up by a supposedly blind man who is begging in the street. She did look pretty good in those tight yellow pants though, so who can blame the old… faker.

Basically, Man About The House is the story of a man who shares a flat with two young girls. Both girls are young and sexy, but the flat-share takes place on a totally plutonic basis.

Man About the House (70s Sitcom)Chrissy and Jo were the original tenants of the flat, rented from George (Brian Murphy) and Mildred Roper (Yootha Joyce). When and they find Robin asleep in their bath the morning after a party it turns out to be a stroke of luck.

Chrissy and Jo were already looking for a roommate but, as you can imagine, they were not looking for a guy to share with. However, it turns out young Mr Tripp is not only looking for somewhere to rent, but is a student chef and an absolute whiz in the kitchen. Chrissy and Jo, on the other hand struggle to boil an egg without burning it- Having a man about the house who can cook is a very appealing idea.

There is one big problem: the Ropers. Chrissy soon sorts that out. She tells George and Mildred that Robin is gay.

The Ropers are a very entertaining couple who share a somewhat strained relationship. Mildred seems to live in a state of constant sexual frustration and it is rather amusing to watch George squirm whenever she suggests an early night.

The Ropers were such a big hit with viewers they went on to have their own show: George and Mildred.

Although, Chrissy and Jo never got their own spin-ff series, like the Ropers, Robin did. It’s called Robin’s Nest.

Man About The House is 70s light entertainment at its best. It is, in every way, class TV and not only is the show now available on DVD, but it has stood the test of time pretty well, even if Robin’s bushy sideburns have not.

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